Bollywood is the word for the Indian film industry. Dance is a big part of these movies. Bollywood dance combines elements from classical and folk dances (including bhangra), as well as hip hop, jazz, salsa, you name it. My classes are designed with newcomers in mind- newcomers to dance, and newcomers to Bollywood. The focus is not on perfection, or even dance. The focus is on enjoyment and empowerment. 

Public Classes

India Community Center                Mondays 12 pm-1 pm                        Milpitas



I offer personalized choreography for weddings, sangeets, or any special occasion in your life. I have worked with people aged 12-85, of varying abilities. My main goal is to make dance accessible and fun. I work with people local to the Bay Area, and remotely using video tutorials.

Packages are custom designed based on your needs. Please contact me for further details. 

Below is a sample of my work. The clients simple and high energy moves for a relatively large group. Everyone was spread around the US and India, and they all learned the dance remotely via videos I made. I love this performance because everyone is having so much fun, which is what matters most to me.

My sister had never danced, but she was able to follow Phi’s easy moves. Even my husband who hates dancing, did it, watching the videos. - Anonymous

Phi understood our need. We had four dances for four different age groups and different abilities. And we were on a major time crunch! Phi was honest in telling me whether she could do it or not. With a time crunch like that, I couldn’t afford someone saying yes then not delivering. She included an instruction video followed by an actual dance video. This was very helpful for my family who was scattered across the country to practice following instructions then practicing the dance on their own. - Anu