I am proudly commitment to supporting queer folks and people of color in safe space by offering healing practices and developing home practices to move towards self love and live life to the fullest extent of their true desire.

Why I do this work

As a person inhabiting multiple marginalized identities, one of two things happen anytime I enter yoga or meditation spaces: either it is flat out unsafe- mostly white, ableist, no concept of trauma informed practices- or it is advertised as safe and moments into the practice, one or multiple of my identities is triggered because “safe space” has become yet another buzz word. I leave with another layer of trauma wrapped around my being.

Often, we seek healing in times of crisis. Why should we, as QTPOC, be further assaulted in this manner at our most vulnerable? This is why I do the work I do in the way I do it: safe space means safe space. You are welcome just as you are. To do as much or as little as you desire. No assumptions.