What does "accessible" mean?

Welcome to Bharosa, offering group and private classes in writing, yoga and dance.

My goal? To create space for you- space that is accessible, no matter which area you're exploring.

What does accessible mean, exactly? Many things.

Accessibility means meeting you where you are on any given day

In yoga class, if a deep back bend doesn't feel good today, we'll find you a pose that feels better. In dance, if a particular dance move doesn't feel good, we'll find you another one, one that's just as fun, just as graceful. In writing class, if you want to stare into space for the full twenty minutes of writing time, that counts!

Accessibility means creating safe space:

Accessibility means if you want to try a dance class but you feel you have two left feet, this is a safe space to do so.

In my case, I don't have two left feet- I have two different sized feet, two different sized legs from childhood polio. I've always taken dance classes but it took me years to feel good dancing (something I still work on). To feel confident. To let go and just enjoy being in my body.

I will not walk up to you as twenty people watch, and "help" you get the move right (I had that happen, with 50 people watching. I know how it feels). There is no judgement here, no heavy-handed correction. There is only celebration. Celebration of who you are, exactly the way you are, in this moment.

Accessibility means recognizing the individual in each person:

I just can't imagine a world in which I put twenty students into a yoga pose and expect them to love it equally. Or that I ask ten students to write about the topic, "Why my mother is my best friend."

No matter which of my offerings you try, whether story, dance, or yoga, there is always space to opt out, or to do something different, something that feels better to your needs. We are all individual. We have our own unique bodies, minds, and souls. We have our unique life paths, which inform our current needs.

So even if we are in a group class, we are all individuals and I wish to see you and honor you as such.

Accessibility means creating enough space for a person to truly enjoy, to truly heal:

To me, accessibility is a word that's easily thrown around, but is often very badly executed. In the last couple of years, I've been offered true accessibility through a loving, nurturing yoga community. I've begun to heal. 

This is why my main goal with each of my offerings is accessibility. Because I believe each person who is interested in trying something new (or retrying something that was traumatic in the past) can experience it in a pleasing, confidence-boosting, healing way- if it is offered with accessibility in mind.

Bharosa means faith, trust, confidence. I interpret it as faith in one's self. I sincerely hope that by sampling some of my offerings, you strengthen your bharosa in yourself.