How I Teach You to Write Your Life Reflections

It can be very intimidating to even think about writing your life story, let alone thinking about how to do it.

Thinking about writing about 50 or 60 or 85 years sounds like a lot.

So why do it? You certainly don't have to write about every single thing that ever happened to you. You don't want to write it, and, quite frankly, people won't want to read it.

So instead, write the things that interest you. That you feel are interesting or worth sharing. Or worth exploring for yourself. If you're interested in writing it, others will be much more likely be interested in reading it!

When you work with me, we first explore what you want to write about. Then we zoom into that. Find the interesting details. Polish up the piece. Add it to the collection.

We also spend a lot of time talking. Because talking gets ideas going. Helps inspire us and our classmates. Sharing our work after we've written it is also a powerful experience. Seeing others' enjoyment of your hard work is thrilling. Encouraging. Gives us confidence to continue.

I keep my classes simple: brainstorm, write, share.

My classes are designed specifically for those who are not interested in a large memoir project, but rather something light and quick. Something you can share with family and friends within months, not years.