Myths About Meditation

I have been teaching meditation for a while now and I can see how hard it is for us to sit. Sit still. 

Why? Because when we sit still, we stop. Stop our crazy overworked life. And when we stop, our mind goes, "Woa, she's giving us a break! Quick, let's talk to her about all those things she usually doesn't give us time to talk to her about." Our mind goes into overdrive. So then we don't want to sit still. We want to run off and start doing again. Because when we do, we are distracted.

The idea behind meditation is not to sit perfectly still. It is not to empty the mind.

Nor is it to take this time of stillness to go over all your life's problems.

Meditation is a time for us to slow down. To go inside ourselves. And to breathe. That's all. Just breathe.

The idea, then, is that this sitting is creating space. Observing our breath brings us out of our head and into our body. It is essentially giving our mind a break. So we can see with clarity. A fresh perspective.

Want to try it? Scared? Here's a mini-meditation practice that won't take more than a minute.