Why Write About Your Life?

It is not easy for everyone to write about some of their life experiences. Why?

A lot of us have fears:

"What will so-and-so in the family say?"

"My life is not that interesting"

"I'm not a writer."

You don't have to be a "writer" to write some of your life experiences. This type of writing is different, serves a different purpose.

Think about it this way: if you got your hands on one paragraph that your grandparent wrote about themselves, how would you feel? Would you say to yourself, "Oh, well grandpop wasn't a writer, so I'm not going to read this"?

It is more likely that you would be over the moon. To get to read about this person who you love, or perhaps never knew but wish you had.

Your kids and grandkids likely feel the same way.

By writing and sharing some of your experiences, your kids get to see the you beyond "parent" or "caretaker" or "bill-payer". They get to see the real you, the you who struggled, who overcame, who succeeded. They get to know the you before they came along.

Writing such as this can also be just for you. For no one but you. In this case, it can be incredibly cathartic. It can give you insight into your own life that might not have been clear before. It can help you connect the dots across your life, across generations. It can instill pride in the things you've accomplished. It can help let go of things.

How do you write about your life? Read on.