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Bharosa offers private, public and small-group classes in yoga and creative writing around the Bay Area. 

The word bharosa has many interpretations - trust, faith, confidence. I interpret it as faith in oneself.  I have been a teacher and writer for 15 years. In sharing my offerings with you, I do so with trust, faith, confidence- in me and in you.

My deepest value is accessibility. I believe in providing offerings that promote access to all, whatever your age, race, gender identification, sexual orientation, financial situation, and physical requirements may be.

So come, try out whatever calls your name, have bharosa in yourself.




I specialize in yoga for:

  • beginners
  • disability, differently-abled
  • anxiety

I first discovered yoga in my early 20s. It came easily to my young body and though the practice was mostly physical, I immediately noticed a mental calm. Upon moving to the Bay Area, I couldn't find any yoga that wasn't heated, which doesn't work for me, so a break of nearly 10 years followed.

Then began a period of great personal tumult and great life change. During all this, a voice inside whispered, "Go back to yoga" and I was fortunate enough to find non-heated classes in Oakland, where I had recently relocated. My return to yoga was not smooth; not only was my body older, but my personal hardships had manifested in physical pain throughout my body and left my mind mired in anxiety and depression. But I kept coming back because something deep down told me this was where I needed to be, on my mat, in a yoga class, moving and breathing, sweating (and often crying my way through savasana).

Over the years, yoga helped me learn to manage my pain by getting to know my body, its tendencies and its needs, and my meditation practice allowed me to cultivate a sense of ease in my mind. Through self-study and community, I developed a loving relationship to the disability I’ve lived with since I was a child, to celebrate the things I excel at instead of wishing for things I don’t have access to. All these things led to a connection to my deeper self, my spirit, and today, I live each day grounded to my true self and my true purpose.


Private Sessions

If you’re seeking a sense of ease in your body and mind, as well as connection to your true self and purpose, I invite you to my one-on-one sessions, where we can work more in depth on your personal goals.

One-on-One or small group sessions may be booked upon request. Contact me for details.


Public Classes

My classes do not require you to be an athlete or a gymnast, to have a body that is a certain flexibility or mobility or shape. My classes are for regular people who want to heal and grow, to connect to their best selves. All you need to do is show up, just as you are.

Leela Yoga                                      Coming January 2018                   1708 Lincoln Ave, Alameda

India Community Center               Mondays 6 pm-7 pm                     525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas

J-Sei Community Center              Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 am                1285 66th St., Emeryville

Kenneth Aitken Senior Center      Thursdays 9:30-10:30 am              17800 Redwood Road, Castro Valley

My individual sessions with Phi have been rejuvenating. Her calm and delightful energy balances perfectly with her expertise and care, and love how easy and smooth it feels. - Ben

Phi is such a natural teacher. She connected with me immediately. Her energy is grounded and serene, and my session with her was fantastic. Even better, she’s a student, constantly practicing and learning her craft. I can’t say I’ve had a better yoga experience than I had with her. - Julia



Whether you choose to write just for yourself or to share with loved ones, writing is empowering. It is cathartic. Even if no one else ever reads a word, when you sit down and write out various aspects of your life, powerful themes and connections to your own history reveal themselves. If you choose to share with loved ones, your children get to see you beyond care-taker/bill-payer. Your grandkids connect with you in a real way. 

Reflections: Your Story, Your Way is a unique memoir workshop which focuses on themes rather than a chronological list of events. Sharing with peers creates a sense of confidence and empowerment. Best of all, you don't have to be a writer to write about your life. This course does offer basic tips to help you find your voice and make your story a page-turner. 


Hayward Senior Center                   Wednesdays 1:00 pm-2:15 pm          Hayward

Private classes: Contact me for details.

“This class has changed my life and how I view it. I have found my voice in writing- how wonderful.” Madeline

”Phi has created a safe space for me to tell my story.” John