In the safety of trauma informed*, POC and queer space, I support you in using your own innate wisdom to create YOUR path to healing, to transformation. 

Above all, we start where you are. I teach you self care tools and I support you in integrating them with patience and compassion. Working with your innate wisdom, we design a practice that is suits your personality and lifestyle and that will last a lifetime. With compassion and gentleness towards yourself, take small, manageable steps, over time, to forge a path of healing and self-love.

My commitment to trauma informed practice and self-compassion is the foundation of my work. Here are some things that won't happen in a session with me: I won't ever ASSUME to know your race, age, trauma history, sexual orientation, gender identification, financial status, how your body moves or should move or what it needs, I will always ask you. Because you are the one in charge of you. No matter how much or how little you wish to do in a session or at home between sessions, I will always show up for you. I will never judge or scold or shame or blame. We will work WITH your humanity, not against it, because what else is there?

My clients say I have a gentle voice and spirit. That my sessions always calm them. And that I never judge or scold them for not doing something. That they feel safe and comfortable with me, that this helps them move through their trauma and opens space for healing.

*Trauma informed means: I meet you where you are, not where I want you to be. I offer many different ways of doing things, always, and we see what you find supportive, versus forcing you to use just one technique and making you feel bad if you "fail". My main message: You are doing enough. You are enough. Whether you practice at home or not, whether you forget to do some of the techniques one day or one week or one month, we always start over. I am always here for you, without shame or blame. Because we are all human. We work with your humanity not against it.